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See the best of the Mayan World, starting at Santa Elena, Petén and staying at the Hotel Del Patio .

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Flores Island
Is the urban centre of Petén, located within the lake of Petén Itzá. It has a population of 22,000 inhabitants, locals and people from other municipalities working on the island. It Is located 506 km from Guatemala City . It was named in honour of Cirilo Flores, one of the first men that wanted independence from Spain. The island has many restaurants, souvenir shops, internet cafes and is one of the richest cultural, tourist and economic resources of Petén.
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Tikal Archaeological Park was declared a World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Tikal has several important temples, including the Double-Headed Snake which is 70 meters high. Its forests are home to over 300 species of birds, as well as howler monkeys, ocelots, jaguars, among others animals.
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An archaeological city hidden in the jungles of the Maya Biosphere, in the lakes of Yaxha (Green Water) and Sacnab. Located next to the sacred island of Topoxté. It has buildings very similar to those of the Mayan cities of Yucatan in Mexico. Its Temple C has details specific to the Post-Classic Maya era. There they raised one of the largest buildings of the Maya world: a double acropolis, surrounded by courtyards, plazas, and monumental buildings.
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Is a splendorous natural retreat. Home to over 200 species of trees, 150 birds and 40 mammals. The park is run by a group of Guatemalans conservationists. It is located 468 km from Guatemala city, arriving from Rio Dulce and only 10 km from Santa Elena Petén airport.
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This archaeological site has samples of Mayan advances in mathematics and astronomy. Its structure E -VII -B of its ceremonial centre has 4 stairs flanked by large stucco masks, in which Mayas used to date the equinoxes and solstices. It is 24 Km north from Tikal Park, and it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Guatemala.

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